• It’s About Relationships

    • Some agents offer local knowledge, years of experience, or even discounts at closing, but I’ve found that the key to a successful transaction is relationships. Not only do I leverage my industry connections and local network to get things done, I get to know you so we can establish a customized plan that achieves your goals.

    • Getting to Know You

      • Purchasing a home or property involves the transfer of thousands of dollars, which requires trust. Let’s be real: you want to know that I am going to go out there, negotiate my little heart out, and get what you want. Finding a home is about building a solid foundation so that when it comes down to the nitty gritty in negotiation, you can rest assured that I have your best interest at heart.

    • The Dream Team

      • There are countless people that will have their hand in your transaction, from the lender to the inspectors, and I have a large network of stellar professionals that I call the ‘Dream Team.’ They provide more than just results, they offer world-class service that makes your experience exceptional.


  • Your Time Matters

    • Time is precious, which is why I work quickly and efficiently to establish your needs, future goals and expectations from the start to help ensure success and eliminate wasted time on homes you aren’t interested in.


  • Tailored Searches 

    • Who wants to look at homes that don’t fit their needs? I diligently craft collections of homes that speak to what you want so we can hone in on the specifics from the beginning.

  • Doing the Research

    • In today’s competitive marketplace, writing contracts just isn’t enough. A successful transaction is based on mindful decisions, and I take pride in going the extra mile to dig up more information, keep up-to-date on the latest market trends, ask the hard questions, and ensure my buyers feel confident as we move forward.


  • Collaborative Strategies

    • Composing a winning offer requires skill and collaboration to establish trusting relationships with the client and the agent on the other side of the transaction, to keep things as smooth and streamlined as possible. I will do the heavy lifting while you focus on your new home.


  • Community Ties

    • Seattle is smaller than you might think, and in this industry, sometimes the deal comes down to one’s reputation. I am known for leading with kindness and professionalism, which is why I’ve garnered the respect of my fellow agents for getting the job done efficiently and with heart.


  • Trusting the Process

    • Buying a home is so many things: exciting, stressful, joyous, bittersweet… but one thing you will never feel from me is pressure. Timing is personal and I will help you achieve your goals by establishing a solid set of search criterion. Keep in mind that “just the right house is out there” and we will find it when the time is right.