Top Seattle "Hoods" & Which One is The Right Fit For You

Finding that right home is important but how do you choose that the perfect location?

Seattle is smothered in charm. From the Craftsman homes in Ballard to the sprawling estates in Madison Park, condos in Capitol Hill and high rises in downtown, we have something for everyone. Looking to find your Seattle fit? Need a community that has a larger dog population than children, 90+walk score, or longing for the outskirts of suburbia? I am here to help you find you perfect Seattle fit.

The first thing I suggest to all of my buyers is what do you love about where you are now, or in some cases, what do you NOT love… What gives you that sense of “home”, is it a smell, a particular type of tree, a type of architecture, being near the water? Everyone has a nostalgia trigger as well as something that undeniably feels grounding. My goal is to help you identify that so we can best place you. You may be school or space motivated, in which the suburbs are most likely your fit. Either way, I have dozens of success proven tricks and tools up my sleeve to get you settled in that “just right” neighborhood.

Ready to make your move?

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Anie Buckmelter