DIY in Capitol Hill


Capital Hill Gets Crafty

A few years ago, Kellie Phelan had the vision to leave her career in environmental consulting and pursue a new endeavor. It was out of this ambitious dream that The Works was born. Located on First Hill, The Works is a space where people can explore their creative side and learn new skills while connecting with one another.

There are plenty of classes offered–from learning how to can jam or learning how to grow that garden you’ve always dreamed of, there’s a class for you. Phelan saw the growing problem of store-bought items becoming commonplace, losing any sense of luxury, and solved it with a business where people can consume mindfully and learn how to make hand-crafted things themselves.

“We’re called The Works for two reasons,” says Phelan. “One is we do a little bit of everything…the other is this is really a place to feature other people’s work. And not just in product, but in being able to share your story; how did you become the maker that you are?”

Their upcoming schedule includes classes on making your own jam, weaving a wall hanging, and making your own natural perfumes. Find the full schedule here!

Anie Buckmelter