Industrial, Eclectic and the Most Searched Design Styles of 2019

When you’re ready to make your mark on your home, you’re looking to be stylish, but not so trendy that it will feel outdated too quickly. And once you’re on your decorating journey, you might start with something as simple as an idea and an internet search.

Furniture company Joybird released a list of the top searched for design styles by state for 2019, and it gives you an idea what homes might look like in the Northeast vs. the Southwest, as well as the nationwide trend du jour: Industrial.

Marked by its exposed brick and unfinished floors and cabinetry, “factory style-chic” topped the list in 12 different states from around the country.

“The growing popularity of the trend could be a bit of a backlash against Victorian, which was the most-searched-for style the last time Joybird did the report in 2017, as well as minimalism,” speculated Clare Trapasso at “Victorian is loud and colorful, while minimalism is clean and modern.”

In Washington, however, eclectic style was the most searched for design term—a colorful mix of both old and new styles. The second two most searched for terms in the state were vintage and minimalist.  

Anie Buckmelter