Expedia and its Traffic are Heading to Seattle — Soon


Expedia is slated to open the doors of its new Seattle-based headquarters this fall. The company reports via The Seattle Times that while traffic congestion is expected to be an issue—it likely won’t be coming entirely from its former headquarters in Bellevue: Less than half of the 4,500 workers set to start working at the new campus will be commuting from the Eastside.

Expedia has been trying to get ahead of the traffic issues that are already a headache across the Puget Sound region. In an effort to encourage workers to use alternative means of transportation -- each day they bus, walk, or bike—that worker will receive $5. Expedia will also be running shuttles to and from campus.

Even with additional incentives to encourage employees to avoid driving, the parking garage has 2,300 spaces, with the implication that at least 2,300 more commuters could be congesting some already busy intersections. What areas might be the hardest hit? According to the Times, watch out for heavier traffic on Elliott Avenue directly in front of the project, on already-slow crosstown routes like Mercer Street and Denny Way, and backups could have ripple effects up 15th Avenue West into Ballard.