Interior Design Trends Inspired by Luxury Hotels

The approach to luxury hotel design has shifted in recent years, with resorts prioritizing not just a relaxing environment, but also a balance of authenticity and communion with the environment. Stellar amenities are of course a staple, but travelers are increasingly looking toward accommodations that tell a story. Below are two of my favorite interior design trends inspired by design-forward resorts that you can bring into your daily lifestyle.

Industrial Elements

There is something truly unique about Singapore’s Warehouse Hotel, which nods to the building history as a spice warehouse, though it is now a boutique, luxury hotel. Designers chose to leave interior brick walls and vaulted ceilings in place, complementing the industrial elements with warm caramel-colored leather, earthy tones, and stylish light fixtures. This aesthetic is one that easily translates into urban lofts or condos, particularly those with their own historic background (the Austin Bell Condominiums immediately come to mind).

Turbinova, Slovakia   |   Peter ChudySlovakia Sotheby’s International Realty

Layer Textures & Textiles

Layering textures and textiles are the staple of a well-crafted and conceptualized design, and it’s an approach that is consistently adopted by New York’s famed Plaza Hotel, from the Fitzgerald Suite King’s moody mixtures of textiles and graphic Art Deco motifs, to The Royal Suite Three Bedroom, where herringbone floors and layered textures add visual depth. In home design, considered furniture with lush fabrics, patterns of complementary shades, dynamic floors and a bold area rug.


Paris, France   |   Paulo FernandesParis Ouest Sotheby’s International Realty

While taking the best of hotel life home, review these high-end designer homes for more inspiration, and ensure that your permanent accommodations have all the amenities of luxury travel.