What’s Trending in Smart Home Design

Smart home features are increasingly commonplace, from video doorbells and smart device-controlled lighting, cameras, and more. According to the Seattle Times, if you have yet to incorporate smart features into your home, you could soon be alone: the Consumer Technology Association estimates that some 30 million smart home products will sell in 2019, “a 23 percent increase from last year,” which signals “a real tipping point for the industry.” Whether you’re a “smart home pro” or are looking at incorporating your first smart home feature, here are the top five devices that are trending right now.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Cameras have been a staple in many smart homes for some time—think baby monitors, doorbell cameras, security systems—but a new trend has emerged, which fuses artificial intelligence (AI) features with cameras. One example is the Smoke Detective app, which the Times says “turns camera-enabled devices like smartphones and baby monitors into smoke detectors.” The algorithms can even detect smoke at a quicker rate that conventional smoke detectors! Other AI-enabled camera technology includes “smart imaging,” (when cameras can identify and recognize individuals) and “food recognition,” where ovens can set a particular temperature and cooking time for a dish.

No More Missing Packages

Though Amazon already rolled out a service that provides in-home delivery, many homeowners are wary of granting this type of access to delivery drivers. A new partnership between the e-commerce giant and Chamberlain Group, called Key for Garage, could solve that issue: it grants a driver access to the garage, to leave a package there.

Tech-Savvy Kitchens

It’s no surprise that we invest as much as we do into smart home technology in the kitchen, since we spend much of our time preparing food. GE introduced the “Kitchen Hub,” a vent hood with a touchscreen that controls the home with a range of features including internet searches, shopping lists, and recipes. According to the Times, “it also has live video chat functionality and an overhead cooktop-facing camera for checking dishes as they cook,” in addition to the ability to control other connected devices throughout the home.

Breathing Easy

Products such as Aura Air can monitor and purify the air, removing allergens, smoke and volatile organic compounds. It also features a voice assistant, which alerts you to serious problems (for example, carbon monoxide) and provides step-by-step instructions on how to fix the issue.

Let There Be Light

Smart lights are getting progressively easier to use. GE Lighting released a series of bulbs—called C by GE—that omit the necessity of a separate hub to control lighting and operate instead with the use of Google Assistant. It’s literally as simple as screwing in a lightbulb!

I love the idea of a smart home feature that is as quick to implement as replacing a lightbulb. Which smart home technology will you try first?