How to Price Your Home Perfectly

No money on the table. How to list your home, price right and give the middle finger to the Zilliowzestimate.

We have all seen them….the dreaded overpriced home with the over confident seller. Sellers: to the buyer this says greedy, rigid and is an overall turn OFF. “But Zillow says my house is worth $2MM…”(insert eye roll from every real estate professional who KNOWS zestimates are B.S.) Remember when you believed in Santa?? Sorry to burst your bubble but Zestimates= Santa.

While we are currently in a seller’s market, it is crucial that you price wisely, I mean you do want to sell your home, don’t you? I have a laundry list of tips for pricing just right without leaving money on the table...reach out, I have you covered!

Ready to make your move?

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Anie Buckmelter