Home Resolution Goals for 2019

Whenever we move into a new calendar year, we inevitably take a moment to reflect on what we want to do better in the months ahead. Oftentimes our goals are related to self-improvement, from spending more time at the gym or eating healthy, to more—or less—hours in the office, better spending habits, and the list goes on. As Houzz pointed out in a recent feature, we don’t always consider the ways we can add style and joy to one of the most important spaces in our lives: our homes. Below I’ve compiled a few favorite home resolution goals for 2019.

Acknowledge Your Space and Belongings

Before diving into what improvements to make or items you want to purchase, it’s important to take a look around you and acknowledge all of the great things you already have. As Houzz writes, “your home shelters you and supports you and your loved ones.” They recommend doing something as simple as journaling on what you are grateful for and keeping that list somewhere you can access it to remind yourself of the abundance within your life.

Find Your Style

While it can be easy to fall into the pattern of following whatever is trending at the moment—such as the millennial pink hype that found its way into nearly every industry in 2018—it is far better to focus on what textures, designs and aesthetic draw you in. When you do that, you will end up with a home that makes you feel comfortable and reflects who you are. Of course, Houzz “Ideabooks” are a great place for that! As Houzz adds, you can even “go a step further by adding a quick description of what appeals to you about each photo.”

Out with the Old

Equally as important as adding new items that bring you joy is getting rid of anything that you do not care for. This may feel like a daunting task, but consider walking around and jotting notes about things that you would say goodbye to now if you could. Once you’ve finished doing this in each room, sit down and examine the list, determining what you can get rid of now and why you may have held back on parting with others. Make it a goal to get at least one of the items out of the house now and a plan for how you’ll tackle the rest.

Only Buy What You Have Need (and Space) For

We have all been tempted by the allure of a cute knick knack at the store or a kitchen gadget that we believe we need, only to find that the item adds to an already cluttered shelf or becomes another something collecting dust in the cupboard. Houzz says to counter this with mindful spending: “each time you find yourself considering a purchase, ask yourself whether you really need the item.” And if it is decorative, only buy it if you absolutely love it and you know exactly where you will put it when you get home.

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