The Most Beautiful Places to Travel to in the Fall

Summer is the default travel time because work slows down and the kids are out of school but Fall is really when you should be planning your getaway. The crowds ease up and prices start dropping with the temperature. Plus, in many locations, the natural beauty of the area is on full display in the Fall, showcasing moodier skies and color-changing foliage. Below is just a quick list of some of the best places to visit in the Fall.

Bavaria, Germany


Southern Germany has some of the most stunning fall colors you’ll ever see and the countryside is full of medieval architecture and castles. Its the ultimate fairy tale! Not to mention that if you visit in mid-to-late September or very early October you can hit Oktoberfest as well! Some people even recommend renting a car to drive from castle to castle and making a mini-road trip for yourself.

Torres del Paine, Chile


The Patagonia region of Chile is renown for a reason, the rugged cliffs and picturesque mountainsides are home to beautiful scenery and some of the largest glaciers in the world. A trip in the fall means longer hours of daylight, less wind, and warmer temperatures (since Chile is south of the equator). Your chances of seeing wildlife also increase and the local vegetation is also at its best. Hiking the area is strenuous but there are areas for day-hikes and the effort will pay off.

Northern Italy & Amalfi Coast


The crowds lessen and Italy transforms into a autumnal goddess in the fall. All regions in the area come alive, and because Italy is such a varied landscape you really can’t go wrong with your choice of region. In Northern Italy the scenery and landscape transforms; while coastal cities farther south become quieter, gorgeous getaways. Another location many recommend renting a car and driving through the countryside. You wont regret it!

Southern California


While a great destination year-round, in September school starts back up but the weather stays beautiful (an average of 80 degrees Fahrenheit through October). That means less crowded beaches and incredible sunsets. An easy choice for a quick, local getaway!

Charleston, South Carolina


Summer is dreamy in the south (and very muggy) but fall is even better. The leaves start to change and the weather is a balmy mid-70 degrees Fahrenheit. There are even a few fall-specific festivals and events that happen this time of year, as well. Fall Tours of Homes as well as Taste of Charleston are scheduled for the fall, showcasing the areas architectural heritage and varied cultural cuisines.

Seattle, Washington


I can’t create a list of the best places to travel to in the fall and ignore my beloved city of Seattle! Even if I’m a little bias, Seattle really does make a great fall getaway. The tourism slows down a bit in the fall giving you a better chance of hitting one of our incredible restaurants (JuneBaby, Tilikum Place Cafe, Canlis, Spinasse, Joule) and have to fight a smaller crowd through Pike Place Market and Kelly Park (the viewpoint of the always classic shot of downtown Seattle with the Space Needle in the foreground). Fall is arguably the better time to explore just outside the city and go hiking, as well. The weather in September and early October is often quite mild and the colors of the changing leaves creates scenery unlike many other places on Earth.