2017 Relocation Patterns


Any local Seattle realtor will tell you that this city is full of relocating professionals. With companies like Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Facebook, and more, hiring like crazy it's no surprise that we have people moving to the greater Seattle metro area in droves. (This is all not even considering individuals and families moving here for other obligations.) You might be surprised to hear that Washington isn't actually ranked first for inbound relocators. 

For the second year in a row, Idaho was actually ranked first, followed closely by Washington. Based on a study created by Atlas, Illinois is holding its title for the highest percentage of outbound moves. Oregon also ranked within the top 10 inbound relocation states in 2017. The western region boasted the highest percentage of inbound moves across the United States. The same company also pulled statistics for international relocations; and Washington was also included on this list, which only included four other states (Texas, California, Virginia, Hawaii, and Florida). Interestingly enough, Texas, California, Hawaii, and Virginia also all appeared on the top 10 international origins list, meaning these were also in the top 10 lists of places where international moves departed. 

See the full report here: 2017 Migration Patterns

Despite Amazon's decision to open a second headquarters (most likely on the east coast), it seems construction will keep the Seattle cranes busy for the next several years. It looks as though our area has no intention of slowing the income of new residents anytime soon. Our state holds the key to west coast demand, and you're planning to relocate please do not hesitate to contact me to answer any questions you may have about homebuying in the region.