Refresh Your Home Décor This Fall with These Global Trends

With cooler temperatures and an explosion of colors in the Pacific Northwest, fall is often a time to reset, transition, and build up your cozy nest. Whether you want an entire home makeover or a simple update, we looked to the experts at Ideal Home for globally inspired design features and how you can achieve each look.

Here are the five top trends to look out for this fall and winter season.

  1. Woodland Retreat

    Truly capturing the essence of the season, the “woodland retreat” look is influenced by changing colors and wooded forests, bringing the outdoors into your home. Trends include layering chunky knit blankets and rugs, placing dried flowers in a rustic vase, or displaying pillows or plates depicting woodland animals for the ultimate winter hibernation.

    Design features: Woodland animals, dried flowers, chunky woolen knits, rustic country linens, carved wood, bird motifs

    Colors: Warm purples, reddish browns, neutral grays, dark blues

  2. New Nordic

    This more modern trend uses different textures to create depth and style for a welcoming interior and an “understated look that creates a big impact.” The colors used have softer hues to help balance out Seattle’s dark winter days. Use Moroccan leather poufs or Ikat textiles to bring a more international approach to this popular Scandinavian look.

    Design features: Poufs, Ikat patterns, tassels, pom-poms, bleached wood, buffed leather

    Colors: Soft pastels, lavender, sage, blush, canvas white

  3. Global Nomad

    This style is defined by “global eclecticism” with painstaking attention to detail. It is a fusion of a rich color palette, intriguing hand-dyed prints, rich earthy tones, hand-thrown pottery, and bohemian textures that can be utilized everywhere from pillows to the art you hang on your wall.

    Design features: Pottery and ceramics, woven textiles, rope

    Colors: Spiced reds, warm yellows, natural browns

  4. Lux Revival

    If you like more of a luxurious ambiance, this look utilizes extravagant fabrics and furniture pieces to help you live like royalty. Minimalist lighting and furniture; Art Deco patterns and architecture; and materials like brass, marble, and velvet are at the core of this style. Ideal Home suggests starting with a bar cart to help recreate “a plush members-only club in the comfort of your own home with elegant gin glasses and tumblers.”

    Design features: Velvet, marble, brass, smoked glass, statement rugs, minimalist furniture and lighting

    Colors: Dusty rose, ochre, burnished gold

  5. Modern Maker

    Raw materials shine through in this modern-meets-industrial look. Embracing reclaimed wood, natural fabrics, metals, rattan, and wicker, this look is for the modern minimalist who enjoys a neutral palette with sculptural elements. Ideal Home affirms this look as a great option for modern family living, “where everyday wear-and-tear will simply add to the authentic feel and natural beauty of this look.”

    Colors: Pale greys, neutrals, charcoal black, rusty reds

    Design features: Pottery, wool, wicker, rattan